Dr. Philipp Lennert

Attorney at Law (DE); Certified Attorney in Tax Law (DE); European Attorney at Law in Liechtenstein; Public Notary (Liechtenstein)

Dr. Lennert counsels private individuals and entrepreneurs in questions of international asset succession planning, tax optimization and asset protection.

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Alexander Yudovich

Lawyer and Certified Tax Advisor (RU) / Of Counsel

Mr. Alexander Yudovich’s field of activity includes advising private individuals and international companies on all aspects of Russian and international tax law.

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Marcel Schwab

Certified Auditor (DE) / Tax Advisor (DE)

  • Tax advice focusing on international family business and its shareholders
  • Structuring and planning family businesses at the national and international levels.
  • Transfer prices for tax audits, transfer pricing documentation

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Christian Steck

Attorney at Law (DE)

Christian Steck is a German Attorney at Law. He is currently doing his doctorate in law on Liechtensteinian, German and European company law and he completed an LL.M. degree from the University of Liechtenstein in 2018.

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Dr. Anton Löhmer

Attorney at Law (DE)

Dr Anton Löhmer has practised as a lawyer in Munich with a focus on inheritance law and tax-optimised succession planning and has been admitted as a Registered European lawyer in Liechtenstein since 2022. He has practical experience in classical litigation and the Liechtenstein trust sector.

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