Alexander Yudovich

Lawyer and Certified Tax Advisor (RU) / Of Counsel

Tel.: +423 376 65 35

Mr. Alexander Yudovich’s field of activity includes advising private individuals and international companies on all aspects of Russian and international tax law.

Through his several years of consulting experience with international law firms in Germany and Russia, he is particularly appreciated by his clients for his cross-border competence in Russia and the CIS issues. As head of tax of a large German law firm in Moscow, he has supported several international business projects from a tax perspective.

His focus is on Russian and international tax law.

Mr. Alexander Yudovich sees himself as a problem solver and an international legal intermediary for the goals of his clients.

Selected customer references and projects


Russian, German, English

Career history

  • Head of Tax Practice, Associate Partner, Rödl & Partner, Moscow (2013 – 2017)
  • Senior Associate in Tax Law, Rödl & Partner, Moscow (2007 – 2013)
  • Academic activity / lecturer in corporate and tax law at several universities, Moscow (2005 – 2007)
  • Lawyer at CMS Hasche Sigle, Moscow (2004 – 2005)
  • Trainee at CMS Hasche Sigle, Stuttgart (2004)


  • Appointment as Tax Advisor at the Chamber of Tax Advisors of Russia (2008)
  • Postgraduate Master’s Program in International Business Law at the Martin-Luther-University Halle-Wittenberg, Germany (2002-2004)
  • University Degree in Law, Saint-Petersburg University of the Ministry of Interior of Russia (1994-1999)


  • Tax Advisory Board Russia (Moscow)
  • Russian Branch of International Fiscal Association (Ros-IFA)

Presentations (selected)

  • “Modern form of investing into precious metals in light of the automatic exchange of information, compliance and tax regulations”, HansaFinCon, VII Moscow Family Office Forum, Moscow, 2017
  • “Export to Russia: Legal, custom and tax”, JCC Chamber of Commerce, Zurich, 2017

  • “Modern form of investing into precious metals in light of the automatic exchange of information, compliance and tax regulations”, Swiss Russian Chamber of Commerce, Zurich and Triesen, 2017
  • Webinar “Production in Russia”, DEGA Development, Moscow, 2017
  • “Russian Currency Legislation. Recent developments and trends”, Moscow Private Wealth Forum International Citizenship & Residence Forum, Hansa Fincon OY, Moscow, 2017
  • “Russian CFC-Rules: international tax structuring options”, Belarus Private Wealth Forum, Hansa Fincon OY, Minsk, 2017
  • Workshop “E-commerce in Russia”, German-Russian Foreign Trade Chamber, Saint-Petersburg, 2017
  • “Personal income tax for Expats in Russia. Theory and practice”, Tax Duty Meeting 2016, German-Russian Foreign Trade Chamber, Moscow, 2016
  • 6th Economic Congress Germany – Russia and 9th Annual Conference «Law in Russia», Wegweiser Media & Conferences GmbH Berlin, 2016
  • “Structuring of Russian projects within China’s “One Belt, One Road” – OBOR Initiative: Creating New Infrastructure, Energy and Trade Linkages from China through Russia, Central Asia and the South Caucasus to Europe”, Joint Chamber of Commerce Switzerland-CIS, Berne, Switzerland, 2016
  • 2nd Conference „Transfer Pricing“, Rödl & Partner, Nuremberg, 2016
  • E-commerce in Russia, Trade Chamber, Koblenz, 2016
  • “De-offshorisation in Russia: First Results and Possible Solutions for Clients”, Intax Expo Russia 2016, INTAX GROUP, Moscow, 2016
  • “The Eurasian Economic Union – Opportunities and Risks for German Companies”, Forum Going Global, Rödl & Partner, Nuremberg, 2016
  • “Practice Report and Exchange of Experience in Year 4 of the New Russian Transfer Pricing Rules”, CFO Conference, AHK Committee for Taxation, Accounting and Controlling, Moscow, 2016
  • “Russian CFC Rules: international tax structuring options”, “Convention on Mutual Administrative Assistance in Tax Matters: first experiences in Russia”, International Tax Law Group, Rödl & Partner, Warsaw, 2016
  • Management Training “Tax Changes 2016 in Russia”, Business Practice Russia: CFO Conference – Taxation, Accounting, Controlling, IHK Düsseldorf, AHK Russia, Cologne, 2016
  • Panel discussion “New tax realities in Russia business: tendencies in court rulings in tax questions”, Open House, AHK, Moscow, 2015
  • “Ruble Devaluation Valuation – Tax and Commercial Effects”, 14th Legal Conference Russia, Eastern Committee of the German Economy, Stuttgart, 2015
  • “Transnational distribution in kind, practical problems of implementation in Russia”, “IP-Transfer to Cyprus under observing the Russian CFC rules”, International Tax Law Group, Rödl & Partner, Hamburg, 2015
  • “How to handle the crisis – Successful business despite sanctions”, Thuringian business travel to Kazan, Thuringia International, AHK in Moscow, Kazan, 2015
  • “Prevention of the artificial bypass of status as a business”, Transfer Pricing Conference, Rödl & Partner, Nuremberg, 2015
  • “Trade partner Russia: Successful business despite sanctions”, Forum Going Global, Rödl & Partner, Nuremberg, 2015
  • “Value added tax in cross-border transactions – deliveries and assembly services to and in Poland and Russia”, Rödl & Partner, Munich, 2015
  • “Controlled Foreign Companies – new legislation in Russia”, International Tax Law Group, Rödl & Partner, Istanbul, 2015
  • “Crisis is time for restructuring. How to make taxation and accounting more efficient? Impact of Ruble devaluation on the annual financial statements of a subsidiary in Russia”, AHK, Hannover, February 2015 and Frankfurt / Main, 2015
  • Business Breakfast: Current Challenges in Russian Business, Moscow, 2015
  • „Profit of Permanent Establishment in Russia under impact of exchange differences in Russia”, „Taxation of Permanent Establishment in Russia during the restructuring procedure in Germany: differences between tax and legal succession”. International Tax Law Group, Rödl & Partner, Munich, 2014
  • “Recent International Tax Law Developments in Russia: De-offshorisation etc.” International Tax Law Group, Rödl & Partner, Budapest, 2014

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Publications (selected)

  • Tax law in Russia. Beck’s tax consultancy manual (15th and 16th editions). C.H. BECK. 2015 and 2016
  • Paying Taxes – Russian Federation. Doing Business 2016. World Bank. 2016

  • “Changes in Russian Law 2015 and Outlook for 2016”. German-Russian Economic Yearbook 2015/2016. OWC Publisher. 2016
  • “100 questions and answers on Russia business” East-West Contact 07/2015 – focus on Russia. German-Russian Foreign Trade Chamber, OWC-Verlag für Außenwirtschaft. 2015
  • “Ruble Devaluation – Tax and Commercial Effects”. East Committee Information (Special to the Russian Law Conference). East Committee of the German Economy. 2015
  • “Risk of establishing a business in e-commerce”. Danger of “double non-taxation” / Wide interpretation possibilities. Russland aktuell. OWC Publisher. 2015
  • “Deoffshorization” in Russia // – East Committee Information 03/2014 (Special to the Russian Law Conference). East Committee of the German Economy. 2014
  • “The most important changes in tax legislation”. Business in Russia 01/2014. Moscow German Newspaper. 2014
  • “Manufacturing Operations in Russia”. – Russia Magazine. Foundry Planet (B2B Online Portal for the Foundry Industry). 2014
  • “Russia – safe trade in times of sanctions”. IWB. NWB Publishing GmbH & Co. KG. 2014

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Practice areas

Business and financial market law

  • Company set-up and management in Russia, corporate tax law
  • Compliance for financial service providers in Russia
  • Company merger and acquisition, transaction taxation
  • Permanent establishment taxation
  • VAT
  • Tax compliance
  • International tax law
  • Transfer pricing
  • Secondment of personnel

Private Clients and Financial Institutions

  • Tax, currency control and compliance for financial services provider
  • Legal and tax asset planning
  • National and international asset succession planning as well as asset protection planning
  • Assessment of complex trust and corporate structures with regard to their tax treatment and possible tax-related risks
  • Inheritance tax advice
  • Property planning, marriage agreements, divorce agreements
  • International estate processing
  • Founding and participation management, purchase and sale of companies